The brain is the master organ of our body. The brain controls everything from how and what you feel, to what you think, to how you move, and everything in between. It controls your heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, resting and active muscle tone, coordination, balance, reaction, and so much more!

Based on the most current neuroscience we know that things in the brain that wire together, fire together. Simply put, that means that if something lives anatomically next to something else, it can affect how it functions.

This is why doing something like a vision drill can change how strong you are in an instant. It also explains why working on sensory mapping can change chronic pain.

The movement and drills we teach are backed by decades of literature on brain anatomy and applied neurophysiology, just boiled down to an easy-to-understand version.

Movement and drills! 

We apply a test-retest model to assess your nervous system and how it responds to the stimulus we provide it. By testing a variety of movements paired with our understanding of complex neuroanatomy, we can determine the type of stimulus you may need to achieve the desired results.

Like with anything, too much or too little of something can be counterproductive. The Minimum Effective Dose is a phrase we use to help pinpoint just how much of a drill or stimulus you need to achieve the desired outcome. The Minimum Effective Dose can refer to variables such as duration, speed, quantity, or intensity that can be altered to achieve maximum desired results. It is important to find this dose and work within the determined range for the effects to take place.

The range for people to achieve their pain and movement goals are somewhere between a week to a few months. This is completely individualistic and also depends on how well you implement the tools we give you. We typically see people achieve their goals within a month, but we cannot predict how every person’s brain will respond.

We do not accept insurance at this time. By being cash based we are able to give you the correct intervention that your brain and body needs rather than giving you a standardized protocol.